National Women's Health Research Initiative

As announced in Budget 2021, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Institute of Gender and Health, and Women and Gender Equality Canada are pleased to announce the launch of the National Women's Health Research Initiative.

We recognize that the term "women's health" is conceptualized and understood in a variety of ways. For the purposes of the National Women's Health Research Initiative, the use of the term women's health reflects an evolving concept, broadly including the multidimensional concepts of sex and gender. It refers to physical, biological, reproductive, psychological, emotional, cultural, and spiritual health and wellness across the life-course in the context of the unique intersecting concerns related to our bodies, our roles, our social locations, and our identities. The initiative goes beyond the sex and gender binary and welcomes the experiences and needs of all people who identify as a woman, girl, intersex, and/or an under-represented gender identity, including, but not limited to, Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary, gender fluid, and agender people.

The National Women's Health Research Initiative will advance a coordinated research program that addresses under-researched and high-priority areas of women's health and will ensure new evidence improves women's and gender-diverse people's care and health outcomes. It will also promote an intersectional lens to research and care to tackle persistent gaps for all women, including for Indigenous, Black, and racialized women, women with disabilities, and members of Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and additional sexually and gender diverse (2SLGBTQI+) communities. The Initiative will transform women's health research and practice in Canada by producing and implementing a community-based approach, committed to the principles of equity, diversity, inclusivity, and Indigenous Rights.

The National Women's Health Research Initiative will consist of two funding streams: the Pan-Canadian Women's Health Coalition, and the Innovation Fund (see components for more information).


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