Protecting our systems and user privacy: CIHR to roll out multi-factor authentication for ResearchNet on September 18, 2024

CIHR is committed to keeping our systems secure and protecting our users’ privacy. To meet the Government of Canada’s Policy on Service and Digital, CIHR is implementing extra security measures. As part of this commitment, CIHR will be implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) in ResearchNet in fall 2024.

What you need to know regarding MFA in ResearchNet

The MFA process will be triggered every time a user signs in to ResearchNet. When a user signs in, they will be required to enter a code that is sent to the email address connected to their ResearchNet account profile. MFA will apply to all users and cannot be skipped. Should a ResearchNet session time out after 60 minutes of inactivity, users will need to re-authenticate themselves using MFA.

To prepare for this upcoming change, it is important that everyone with a ResearchNet account double checks that they can access the email address connected to their account profile before September 18, 2024. This will ensure users have uninterrupted access to ResearchNet and can log in without seeking assistance from the Contact Centre. To change the email address connected to your ResearchNet account, please refer to the instructions outlined in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Applicants are reminded that they can use the Manage Access task in ResearchNet to delegate access to their application easily and securely to a set number of individuals. For additional information on the Manage Access task, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions or do not hesitate to reach out to the Contact Centre at or 1-888-603-4178.

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