Research security

The Government of Canada has charged the federal research granting agencies with helping to safeguard the integrity of research against risks to national and economic security, including the theft and misappropriation of research and the unauthorized transfer of ideas, research outcomes and intellectual property.

To that end, CIHR is implementing new research security measures. Continue reading to learn more about what these measures mean for you.

Overview of research security at CIHR

Two new measures have come into force at CIHR and will apply in different circumstances, depending on whether:

Scenario Policy that applies Action you need to take
Your research proposal involves one or more partner organizations from the private sector The National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships

The Nominated Principal Applicant will need to complete and upload the Risk Assessment Form with their application.

Applies to the Fall 2024 Project Grant competition only for now.

Your research activities aim to advance any of the listed sensitive technology research areas Policy on Sensitive Technology Research and Affiliations of Concern All researchers with named roles in the grant application will need to complete a form attesting that they are not affiliated with, or in receipt of funding or in-kind support, from an institution on the list of Named Research Organizations

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