Research for a healthier Canada


Chapter 1: Intro

At the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, we believe research has the power to change lives.

As the Government of Canada’s health research investment agency, we fund world-class research across the country.

This research, led by talented and dedicated teams at universities and hospitals, is important for all of us.

It helps us strengthen our health care system, find solutions to some of the most pressing health challenges, and improve the health of Canadians and people around the world.

Chapter 2: Institutes

CIHR is comprised of 13 research institutes, which are dedicated to exploring a wide range of health topics, such as:

Chapter 3: Investments

Our goal is to support the best health for all, powered by outstanding research.

To achieve this, CIHR invests about $1 billion of taxpayer money, plus more than $125 million of partner funding, into research grants and awards that support over 16,000 independent health researchers and trainees across Canada every year.

Chapter 4: Pillars

These investments cover the full spectrum of health research, from fundamental and biomedical studies to Clinical and health services Research, and even projects focused on the ways that social, cultural, and environmental factors can affect the health of individuals and entire populations.

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Investments in health research are investments in a stronger, healthier, and more prosperous Canada.

And here at CIHR, we’re immensely proud to be supporting this life-changing work.

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