Accessibility feedback process

CIHR is fully committed to the Accessible Canada Act intent of making Canada barrier-free by January 1, 2040. Over the course of this first Accessibility Plan and the plans that follow it, CIHR will focus on identifying, removing and preventing barriers by integrating accessibility best practices in our organizational culture, management practices, programs, policies, services, and workplace.

Persons with disabilities are underrepresented in health research and the health research funding system. To increase participation of persons with disabilities, we are committed to developing and maintaining health research funding programs and services that are inclusive, barrier-free, and non-discriminatory.

Persons with disabilities also are under-represented in the CIHR workforce. Focusing our attention on measures to increase the diversity of our workforce and building an inclusive workplace, will further support CIHR in every part of our business.

Feedback on the CIHR Accessibility Plan

The CIHR Accessibility Plan contact is Lindsay Carlson, Manager, HR Programs & Policies in the Human Resources Branch.

The CIHR would like to receive feedback in the way that it is implementing its accessibility plan.

Employees may provide feedback about barriers they are experiencing within the CIHR

Persons (clients, suppliers, members of the public) other than employees, that deal with the CIHR, may also provide feedback about barriers at the CIHR.

CIHR employees and persons (clients, suppliers, members of the public) may provide feedback as follows:

Feedback will be collected, processed, and addressed by a member of the Strategic Programs and HR Analytics team.

Feedback will be compiled, tracked, and monitored by the Strategic Programs and HR Analytics team. A member of the team will ensure follow-up with appropriate internal stakeholders.

Feedback will remain confidential.

Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent following reception of the feedback, unless feedback received was anonymous.

The feedback received will be acknowledged in the way it was received unless it was received anonymously.

This contact information enables CIHR employees and the public to:

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