Clinical Trials: Overview

Canada is globally recognized for the quality and expertise of its research clinicians, many of whom have been credited with major medical discoveries and innovations, and its ability to conduct clinical research in complex therapeutic areas with diverse population bases. As a result of Canada’s scientific expertise, a high-quality healthcare system, and research funding and infrastructure, Canada is a global destination for important clinical trials. Canada’s competitiveness in clinical trials is also supported by its internationally recognized networks and health charities dedicated to health research. Planned investments in the clinical trials ecosystem, including research, networks, and capacity, are crucial to reinforcing Canada’s existing scientific excellence. CIHR supports clinical trials through a variety of funding mechanisms.

CIHR is supporting clinical trials infrastructure, training, and research through the Clinical Trials Fund, which is a part of the Government’s Biomanufacturing and Life Sciences Strategy. CIHR has also invested in the clinical trials ecosystem through the SPOR Innovative Clinical Trials Initiative, the implementation of the CIHR Policy Guide – Requirements for Registration and Disclosure of Results from Clinical Trials, and through the funding of many clinical trial projects and networks.

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