How was this COVID-19 research funded?

To support the research showcased in this collection of stories, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has managed a number of funding opportunities to support projects across the country focused on COVID-19 research.

These funding opportunities are part of CIHR's core business. As the federal health research investment agency, CIHR manages over one hundred funding opportunities each year. While every funding opportunity has specific eligibility guidelines (in terms of who can apply for funding and what type or area of research the funding opportunity is meant to support), the process typically follows the same broad steps:

Since February 2020, CIHR and partners have followed this process to run numerous funding opportunities supporting COVID-19 research. These opportunities have covered a broad range of topics, such as COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, diagnostics and testing technologies, effective public health communications, and the social impacts and other unintended consequences of the pandemic.

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