Applicant profile CV

Please refer to the instructions below in order to complete the profile. NOTE: The profile may not exceed three pages but there are no section restrictions, therefore each applicant can choose what to emphasize. Personal information should not be included in the Application Profile CV.




Areas of expertise/knowledge and/or education:

A. Personal Statement

Briefly describe how and why you are able to contribute to this project. Relevant factors may include aspects of your training; your previous and/or current work and experience in this area or related areas; your expertise or living experience; and/or performance in this or related fields. Training may be formal or informal (e.g. mentorship), and you may indicate if you have served as a mentor to others.

B. Positions and Honours

List the positions/roles you have held (or currently hold) that are relevant to this application. These positions do not need to be limited to salaried employment.

List any relevant achievements/honors. These may be personal, community-based, academic, or professional.

C. Contributions to Knowledge Creation, Knowledge Sharing, and/or Knowledge Translation

Briefly describe your most significant contributions to knowledge creation and/or knowledge sharing/translation. (Maximum of 5)

D. Other Relevant Information (Optional)

If applicable, please include any other relevant information to support your role/contribution to the proposed research application. This can include a link to a webpage, for instance a personal webpage or an open access publication list.

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