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Health research in action: More stories

Health research is making a real difference in the lives of Canadians. To learn more about how CIHR-supported research is generating innovative ideas and improving health, read our Health research in action stories.

Building a diverse and robust training pipeline
Making sport and recreation more inclusive
Novel detection methods, new vaccine research, and Inuit leadership are tackling a persistent disease in the Far North—tuberculosis
Heatwave heroes: crafting health safeguards for all in an era of turbulent temperatures
Early childhood screen use may impact adolescent sexual health
Supporting people with disabilities in pregnancy
Indigenous voices take the lead to improve health outcomes for Indigenous youth
Connecting 2SLGBTQIA+ youth through sports
Canadian researchers at the centre of ‘groundbreaking and revolutionary’ stroke treatment
A promising treatment for terminal cancer patients may be just the beginning
Focused research was designed to improve outcomes for women with heart disease and stroke
Time-shifting when we eat and exercise could reduce risk of type 2 diabetes
A cross-Canada network of researchers is building an integrated approach to Lyme disease
Could this be sepsis? Sepsis Canada hopes to empower Canadians to recognize the signs and symptoms of the world's deadliest health condition
“Every day is a struggle for me”: A new study is evaluating the effectiveness of a digital app in treating people suffering from long COVID
Pediatric research in Canada is ready to pop!
Finding a new intervention for methamphetamine use disorder while tackling social issues and stigma
Antibiotics might save a life—but not without a challenge
A new frontier in Type 2 Diabetes research and its link to heart disease
Network engages patients and parents as co-researchers in pediatric care
An everyday medical cabinet staple might simplify joint replacement surgery
A total change might be coming in the way paramedics use adrenaline
Improving health care for trans and nonbinary individuals
Securing a healthy future for Canadian children after COVID-19
Better sleep may lead to a better fight against Alzheimer’s disease
'Breath-giving' research efforts could lead to more effective lung transplants
First aid with mental health at its heart
Brightening the lives and boosting the health of kids during COVID
Canada accelerates diabetes research
Home is in your heart and mind: How has the pandemic impacted youth experiencing homelessness?
Reaching new frontiers through international collaboration
Wellness Wheel offers effective treatments to residents of Saskatchewan’s Indigenous communities through shared knowledge
Hearing Our Voices: How a web-based curriculum is leading to better health care
Developing a method to predict preterm birth
Depression in pregnant women and health care providers during COVID-19
Promoting child health through a streamlined ethics review
How are kids affected by COVID-19?
Dr. Alisa Grigorovich – Change Agent
Analyzing whether wildfire created toxic pollution in Fort McMurray
Researcher’s analysis provided insight for both residents and firefighters of the community
Healthy sperm, healthy children
Pioneering McGill researcher studies the effects of environmental toxins on male sex cells
Pink Shirt Day: We all have a role to play in stopping bullying!
CIHR is supporting research into the health impacts of bullying
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