Canadian Common CV (CCV)

The Canadian Common CV (CCV) is a web-based application that provides researchers with a single, common approach to gathering CV information required by a network of federal, provincial and not-for-profit research funding organizations. The CCV’s processes, procedures and capabilities allow the input of CV information by researchers and the extraction of the CV data (with consent from the researcher) by member agencies to support their funding application process.

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CIHR has created the following tools to support researchers as they use the CCV.


  • 2024-04-29. Security enhancements for CCV user accounts

    In order to make the Canadian Common CV (CCV) user accounts more secure, security enhancements will be deployed during the timeslot reserved for system maintenance on May 9, 2024.

    Users with existing accounts whose passwords do not meet the current security standards will be prompted to update their password. When accessing the CV tab, users will see the following message:

    Invalid Account: You currently have missing or invalid information in your account. Please click on the Account tab above and make the necessary changes.

    The user will need to create a password that complies with the new security measures.

    Passwords will be validated against a strength test to ensure they meet enhanced security standards. If they are not met, the user will be prompted to create a more secure password.

    For assistance with password updates, users can contact the Contact Centre for help.

  • 2021-12-10. Security enhancements to CCV user accounts

    In order to make the Canadian Common CV (CCV) user accounts more secure, security enhancements will be deployed on December 15, 2021. As a result of these changes, CCV users will no longer be able to create their own password reminder questions. Instead, users will be required to choose five reminder questions from a list of 22 predefined options.

    If users forget their passwords and wish to reset it, they will be asked to answer two randomly chosen reminder questions out of their list of five reminder questions selected. It is advised that users enter reminder answers that are secure and that can be easily remembered.

    Upon login, existing CCV users will receive a notification to update their security reminder questions in order to proceed with CV submissions/updates. To update the security questions, users will need to select the “Manage Account” menu and proceed to select and answer 5 of the 22 predefined options, following standard guidelines for the answers.

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For questions about the CIHR CCV, please contact CIHR at or 1-888-603-4178.

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