CIHR’s Citizen Engagement Framework

CIHR is the first among the three federal research granting agencies in Canada to embark on the development of a Citizen Engagement Framework. A review of the other two research agencies, conducted in 2008, revealed that there is growing support for more interactive engagement between the public and these organizations, and between researchers and the communities they study. Furthermore, there is a desire to communicate research findings to the public in a more effective manner and to develop tools that will assist all of the funding agencies to engage the public effectively.

To read the full Framework, see the CIHR Citizen Engagement Framework site.

The Framework identifies four areas of focus for CIHR.  These areas touch on the broad categories of activities in which CIHR’s Institutes and Corporate Branches have already engaged citizens. The focus areas are:

  1. Citizen representation on CIHR’s Boards and Committees
    Enhancing representation on CIHR’s Boards and Committees to encompass both advisory and decision-making roles. These roles provide mechanisms for transparency and collaborative decision-making.
  2. Corporate and Institute strategic plans, priorities, policies, and guidelines
    Input from citizens will be sought and valued in the development and direction of new initiatives and priorities.
  3. Research priority setting and integrated knowledge translation 
    As a health research funder, CIHR can identify new mechanisms for tailored funding streams that encourage researchers to engage with citizens to establish the research questions.
  4. Knowledge dissemination and public outreach
    CIHR can enhance its current efforts to communicate the benefits of health research by increasing opportunities to engage citizens and voluntary sector organizations in the development of knowledge dissemination plans and public outreach activities.
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