University Delegates Network Terms of Reference


The University Delegates Network teleconferences / meetings will be chaired by the Director General of the Operations Support branch within the Research and Knowledge Translation Portfolio.


The University Delegates Network includes:


University Delegates will be appointed by their respective institution (Vice-President of Research, or equivalent). Appointments to the network are normally four years and are renewable. Institutions have the flexibility to change their appointed delegate at any time based on their requirements.


The University Delegates will convene via WebEx on the first Thursday of every month from 12:30-13:30 EST, unless the meeting date conflicts with a holiday. Face-to-face meetings in Ottawa will be held as required.


A majority of members (50% plus 1).


Bourinot's Rules of Order, 4th Edition.


The mandate of the University Delegates Network is to keep the health research community informed of directions, initiatives and decisions of CIHR, and solicit their active participation and awareness. Through the University Delegates, CIHR will seek the views of the community on health research issues and be attentive to concerns expressed on CIHR business.

Roles and Responsibilities

University Delegates will:


On an annual basis, a review of the terms of reference.


The University Delegates are intended to operate in the way deemed most efficient by the Vice-President, Competition Management.


The University Delegates will keep their institution informed of CIHR initiatives and opportunities in the manner best suited to each individual institution. Concerns raised by University Delegates will be transmitted to CIHR senior management through the Director General, Operations Support.


The Terms of Reference were approved on May 1, 2017 by Jeff Latimer, VP Competition Management.

Originally drafted: December 2004
Revised: September 2013
Revised: November 2014
Revised: May 2017

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