Service standard for CIHR’s online application systems

CIHR's response to sustained interruptions

CIHR defines a sustained interruption as a prolonged period of time when all users are unable to log on to an online application system or have access to a majority of its functions.

These guidelines cover confirmed interruptions of CIHR’s systems which affect all, or the majority of, users which therefore warrant an extension of deadlines for the whole community. When an individual cannot access CIHR's electronic systems, CIHR will analyze whether an extension is warranted on a case-by-case basis where it can be shown that, despite assistance from CIHR's support, the issue could not be resolved.

These guidelines do not extend to users who have already submitted or met the competition deadline.

CIHR will provide advance notification regarding any planned system outage and adjust competition deadlines as appropriate.

CIHR will apply the following standards when making decisions with respect to extending deadlines in response to sustained interruptions to CIHR’s electronic systems.

Note: The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) also apply these standards.

Duration of Sustained Interruption Proximity to Agency Deadline
≤30 mins before deadline on deadline date 31 mins-2 hrs before deadline on deadline date 2:01 hrs-24 hrs before deadline on deadline date 24:01 hrs-72 hrs before deadline 72:01 hrs-7 days before deadline
1 min-30 mins 24 hr extension 24 hr extension No extension No extension No extension
31 mins-2 hrs N/A 24h extension 24 hr extension No extension No extension
2:01 hrs-6 hrs N/A N/A 24 hr extension No extension No extension
6:01 hrs-24 hrs N/A N/A 48 hr extension 24 hr extension No extension
24:01 hrs + N/A N/A 48 hr extension 24 hr extension 24 hr extension

Extensions will not be granted for sustained interruptions taking place eight calendar days or more before the deadline.

Communication of deadline extensions

Should an extension be warranted based on the criteria noted above, CIHR will communicate the extension through various methods that may include:

  • A notice on the CIHR website.
  • A notice through CIHR social media.
  • A notice through CIHR's Access newsletter.
  • An update to the deadline date in the description for each of the funding opportunities affected.
  • An email to applicants with an application in progress.
  • An email to Research Grants Officers or Student Liaison Officers.

Note: Should a service interruption take place outside of CIHR's regular business hours, CIHR will evaluate the interruption and communicate if an extension is required on the next regular business day.

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